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About us

You live in the way you choose to perceive… It is your choice to restore your holistic perception, preserve your own individuality and take your life in your hands. But how, you may ask?

On her research, Dr. Maria de Rocha Chevalley says:

“I became curious to find the way out of how some people sabotage themselves, becoming so undecided, unattractive, even stressed out and anxious, unable to manage their creative resources. They just limit themselves, fragmenting their perception. My findings challenged me to create Mind Bridging® Psychology grounded on my concepts of Mind Hologram and Mind Bridging® Matrix (MBM). An accomplishment I am very proud of".

Dr. Maria de Rocha Chevalley along 20 years developed her psychological research, which integrates principles of the quantum theory, neuroscience, new biology and holography.

In a nutshell: 

  • Mind Bridging® Psychology sets out to be a holographic psychological self-directed neuroplasticity. In other words, the ability to influence intentionally brain plasticity—the changing of neurons, the organization of their networks and their functions—via our holistic perception interpretation, is a remarkable piece of evidence of human cognitive and emotional evolution and the recognition of our greatness to be creative human beings.
  • Mind Hologram is a perception brain template, a perception encoding information.

    Through a brain-computational achievement of neural activity the communication via neurons consists of processing the perception encoding information of psycho-environmental-neurochemical energy frequencies within dendritic junctions in a distributed network, dividing it into bridging and unbridging mind hologramspositive and negative programming. Plus of transmitting this divided information by synapses and reuniting it, being stored—consciously or unconsciously—at the receptor level on our cell membranes throughout our brain and body as well as over the whole of our mind and also of our extended mind—the quantum energy field. Such process mirrors a hologram in its function.

    Mind hologram's formation is determined by our felt-perception experiences, explaining why perception feels and shapes itself the way it does and why we behave, sense, believe and live the way we do.

  • Mind Bridging® Matrix (MBM)—perception shifting matrix—pioneering holographic psycho-correlated dynamics to rewrite our subconscious negative programming. MBM is a way out of our behavior pattern of self-sabotage, inherent in our fragmented perception.

Dr. de Rocha Chevalley is a clinical psychologist, author and course leader. She is actively engaged in mind research and is co-founder and director of the Mind Bridging® Swiss Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

Michel Chevalley, BSc in business administration, is working in the areas of Search & Selection, Career Consulting and Outplacement Coaching and is co-founder of the Mind Bridging® Swiss Institute.